• By George!

    I've never seen a portrait of George Washington smiling. President's Day was coming around as it does every year, and I decided to do an illustration of Georgie with a nice, toothy grin. Originally it was going to be an enormous toothy grin like Joe Biden, but I toned it down.

    This was done pretty loosely. I always do a pencil drawing, then paint or marker over that, then add quick scratchy pen and ink. It's a style I developed over years. I used to draw everything in tight pencil, then ink, then paint, but it lost the loosness from the pencil drawing that I like.

    My New England Illustrated work is generally geared toward animal or farm scenes - but I do enjoy drawing humans from time to time. Things like this are purely for my own creative pleasure. I originally started New England Illustrated as a creative outlet for myself. I'm very grateful and humbled that people enjoy what I illustrate.

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    • Jeff says…

      This portrait would be appropriate for the next generation of dollar bills.Perhaps Calvin Coolidge could benefit from the same treatment.

      on June 13, 2013

    • pat says…

      you are so so talented…you need more exposure, I wish I knew how to acheive this..I love the smile, and the fact you call him Georgie…:)

      on March 02, 2013

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