Random Bits

  • Home

    Coming home after a long day of sledding. The crisp, cold air and crunch of snow under the feet. Peeling off wet clothes inside a warm house and hot chocolate waiting. Those are some great times I'll bet we all had! Here's the sketch and finished work.
  • Up on Dairy Hill

    I grew up in the small town of South Royalton, Vermont. There was a road called 'Dairy Hill' and I always liked the name. This scene looks nothing like the actual Dairy Hill in South Royalton, but it conjured up this image in my mind.

  • Hoppy Easter

  • Grinder

    This illustration was a good exercise in atmospherics and depth - with the buildings and people in the background done very lightly, while the organ grinder is colorful and bold in the foreground. One of the fun things about being an illustrator, is being able to 'direct' a scene to evoke a certain mood.


  • By George!

    I've never seen a portrait of George Washington smiling. President's Day was coming around as it does every year, and I decided to do an illustration of Georgie with a nice, toothy grin. Originally it was going to be an enormous toothy grin like Joe Biden, but I toned it down.

    This was done pretty loosely. I always do a pencil drawing, then paint or marker over that, then add quick scratchy pen and ink. It's a style I developed over years. I used to draw everything in tight pencil, then ink, then paint, but it lost the loosness from the pencil drawing that I like.

    My New England Illustrated work is generally geared toward animal or farm scenes - but I do enjoy drawing humans from time to time. Things like this are purely for my own creative pleasure. I originally started New England Illustrated as a creative outlet for myself. I'm very grateful and humbled that people enjoy what I illustrate.

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